Best Places for River Rafting in India

Keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself “Can I raft a boat in a most dangerous river which is full of tides and rapids” if YES. River rafting in India is one of the famous adventure sports admired by the youth. There are number of places where you fulfill your dreams of river rafting. Try these places for your adventurous trip


Rishikesh is also known as white water river rafting capital of India. Mother nature has gifted this place with the most beautiful river “The Ganga”. A 16 km stretch from shivpuri to lakshman jhoola is filled with dangerous rapids with 1 to grade 4 and heart fearing whirlpools. There are 13 rapids naming Return To Sender, Roller Coaster, Three Blind Mice, Double Trouble, Tee Off, Hilton, Club House, Initiation and Golf Course.This stretch in state of uttrakhand has numerous camps organized by rafting professionals’ offers different packages depending upon the length choose for rafting.

Chandrapuri-Rudraprayag (26 km) on the Mandakini; Matli-Dunda (12km); Jangla-Jhala (20 km); Harsil-Uttarkashi; Dharasu-Chham (12 km) on the Bhagirathi.


Landscapes, soaring snow-covered peaks, hillside villages, and unique wildlife, hilltop monasteries and chiller breeze at the hight of 12000 feet above sea leavel. It has an awesome to ride the waves of river Zanskar and Indus.In Indus rafting stretch is from Phey to Sapsol. In Zanskar it is a challenging task, this strech is 155 km. This river is has a grade 4 rapids.

Bhagirathi river

Tough rapids, sandy beaches, High mountains and beautiful small villages. Bhagirathi river grade as 3-4, Rapids like “Elephant rock”, “The Chute”, “Sharp S”, “Confluence rapids” take to Alaknanda.Most popular rapids of Ganga are ‘Daniel Dip’ and ‘The Wall’.

Tons, Uttrakhand

One of the most challenging river rafting stretch in the country. As there are not only 3-4 grade of trills involved but also at some places these are of 5th grade. Tons flows in western part of uttrakhand.

Teesta river, Sikkim and Darjeeling

Teesta River belongs to these two beautiful places Sikkim and Darjeeling. One of the best location for to face 4th grade rapids and challenges. Best time to raft in Teesta river between October to April.Paddle rafting and oar rafting can be done here.

Summer is ON, pack your bag and rush towards the hilly areas to feel this awesome adventure sport.

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