Lansdowne a perfect weekend gateway

Lansdowne a perfect weekend gateway

The best place for a lazy and relaxing holiday

Located in the Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is a small cantonment town.

Traveling to Lansdowne is truly adventurous as you can see the beauty of changing the landscape as you will approach the town. The city welcomes you with its evergreen plains and charming hills, giving you a pleasant feeling. The greatness of Lansdowne lies in the Garhwal Himalayan range, which stretches its magic and occultism as you will move forward from Kotdwar.

You can find various resorts and cottages to enjoy a memorable time with family and friends.

Most of the resorts are built to give you a scenic view of the valley as they face the hills. You can find yourself in the middle of the cloud, as they often play hide and seek with the blowing wind.

With absolute silence and cool weather, you can experience the divine serenity. The morning sun illuminates the hills and warm your body, making you experience the best moment of your life.

The vicinity of Lansdowne is filled with religious sites, especially temples. The old Shiva Temple, which is believed to be 600 years old, is 40 kilometers from the town. However, trekking towards this destination is very tricky and testing. While exploring the surroundings, you can be surprised by wildlife including wild fox. The serenity surrounding the Lansdowne can often take you by surprise, as you will surely go dazed and speechless with the elegant divinity.

Filled with religious spots and the feel of spirituality in the atmosphere, people of Lansdowne are very graceful and polite. Foods are good and people are nice and helpful. The other places that can be explored include the Garhwal Regiment, Bhulla Lake, and Garhwal Himalayan range.

With pleasant weather and warm hospitality, Lansdowne can be visited any time during the year.

However, the best time to visit the place is in the summer months from March to June. If you are traveling between July and August, you must carry your rain gear.

Traveling to Lansdowne is easy, especially if you are coming from Delhi. By road, it is around 250 kilometers away and takes 4-5 hours if you take the Meerut-Bijnor-Kotdwara route. This is indeed the best way to reach the city of dreams.

Every one have the passion to travel and to experience new things, few make it possible and others can't. I am in few of them.

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