Mahabaleshwar heaven that offers everything for a perfect trip

Mahabaleshwar heaven that offers everything for a perfect trip

Famous as the mini Kashmir of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar offers everything you might have imagined for a perfect trip, including stunning views, breezy weather, serpentine roads, high mountains, and more. Mahabaleshwar has been an ideal hill station ever since the British times. The beautiful architectures and colonial buildings of Mahabaleshwar testify the golden age of this place.

Being close to Mumbai and Pune, Mahabaleshwar is a perfect spot for many who look for a short trip. Driving from these places to Mahabaleshwar is a stunning experience in itself, as you will see some magnificent scenic beauty along with the serpentine drive. In addition to the superb atmosphere, there are many famous spots worth-visiting.

You can find many ancient monuments and forts like Raigarh, Pratapgarh, Purander, Kamalgarh, and Korna. These forts were believed to be built by Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the 15th century.

Lake Venna offers boating and other adventurous activities. You can also find Strawberries and American Corn of good quality in the areas surrounding the lake. Moreover, most of the hotels are located in and around this area.

If you wish to explore the flora and fauna of Mahabaleshwar, you can visit the Wilson/Bombay points and get the best view of the city. You can also visit points like Echo, Karnacht, Karnayak, and Sasoon.

All the above-mentioned locations serve as an ideal weekend gateway for anyone looking for a break from his/her busy lifestyle.

Every one have the passion to travel and to experience new things, few make it possible and others can't. I am in few of them.

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