Nashik city of pilgrimage

A city of pilgrimage

Out of the many holy cities in India, Nashik portrays a culture that is a mixture of historical and modern architecture. The place is more famous for the stay of Lord Ram, who was believed to be there during his exile time. Located on the banks of the Godavari, the place experiences heavy tourist inflow, especially during the famous Kumbh Mela. Nashik finds its place even in Ramayan, which mentions about Surpanakha seducing Lord Rama in the region.

You can find various temples and forts, which depict a fine balance between the old and modern era. The place is surrounded by lush green hills like Durga, Pandav, Chitraghanta, Mhasarul, Dinger Ali, Konkani, Jogwada, Ganesh and Pathanpur. Moreover, the presence of lakes like Samangaon and Chandshi adds to the beauty of the place.

In addition of being a religious spot, Nashik is also a popular business hub, especially for wine traders. The presence of various vineyards in and around the city allows various tourists to get some knowledge about the grape cultivation and different varieties of wines that are made.

Staying in Nashik is not a big deal, as you can find a number of budget hotels close to the city with decent amenities. Moreover, there are even luxury hotels to cater your need. This all comes with some delicious cuisine as per your taste. You can find various restaurants and café joints offering variety of Maharashtrian and Italian dishes.

Nashik can be visited any time in the year, as it experiences pleasant weather for the most part of the year.

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