Panchgani ideal destination for a short holiday

Panchgani ideal destination for a short holiday

Panchgani is located in the cloudy Sahyadri hills on the Deccan Plateau and is an ideal destination for spending a short vacation of 2-3 days. You can enjoy the splendid blue water of rivers like Venna, Koyna, Krishna, and more from a thousand feet above.

The terrains of Panchgani are perfect for trekking, as it runs down from the top of the hill to the lush green villages along the lake shores. In addition, there are various other fun and adventurous activities that can be enjoyed during a trip. Travel options like horse cart, bicycle, auto rickshaws, etc. are no less than an adventure.

You can find plenty of hotels, cottages, and restaurants due to the influence of tourists. Staying at Panchgani is safe and people prefer staying at night and enjoy sightseeing during the day. Sightseeing includes Table Land, Parsi point, Bhim Chula, Harrison’s valley, and more.

Panchgani is also famous for various quality boarding schools, and getting admitted in one such school is considered an achievement. So, many of the parents living in Mumbai and Pune aspire to teach their kids in one of the boarding schools.

The place experiences good weather throughout the year, and can be visited any time. However, winter season from December to February is the peak tourist season, when schools are closed for vacations.

Every one have the passion to travel and to experience new things, few make it possible and others can't. I am in few of them.

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