Saputara a destination to enjoy various adventurous activities

Saputara a destination to enjoy various adventurous activities_New

Saputara is a beautiful hill station ideal for spending a short vacation with family and friends. The adventurous activities like boating and ropeway give a thrilling experience to the visitors and incite many who wish to visit this place. However, the local Museum remains the most enjoyable spot for kids and elders. The Museum is known to host various light and sound shows along with the act that shows local traditions. There are various other activities like a Horse and Toy biking, which can keep you engaged.

Though there are many other spots to have a good time; however, you must not miss the below-mentioned spots, if you get a chance to visit Saputara.

The Sunset place is the most visited spot by tourists, as it gives a stunning look while the sun sets. You can enjoy the moment with your family, kids, and friends, with different kinds of rides and eateries.

The ropeway spot is just next to the Sunset spot and offers a scenic view of the entire town. You can avail the ropeway services at a very economical price and will take around 15 minutes to complete the ride.

The Sunrise point is again a beautiful spot and provides a spectacular view of the surroundings, especially in winters. However, reaching this spot is quite tricky, as it requires you to drive for approx 20 minutes and then climb a certain height to reach this place.

In the heart of the town, lies the Saputara Lake. You can find lots of tourists lined up for boating. The best time to enjoy boating is in the evening, as you can also find many eateries and restaurants surrounding the lake.

The best way to reach Saputara from Mumbai is to take the Nashik Highway and turn towards Dindori to reach this place. The distance is around 250 kilometers and takes around 6 to 7 hours by car or bus.

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