Satara famous for its stunning waterfall

Satara famous for its stunning waterfall

Located in the heart of Sahyadri foothills, Satara is a small town ideal for vacation; however, not as famous as other spots nearby. Being near to Mahabaleshwar, Satara has gained popularity in the recent past, as the beauty of the place is being explored by many travelling enthusiasts. There are various places in the vicinity of Satara, which can be visited to enjoy some quality time with near and dear ones.

On the Satara-Akluj road, there is famous Shikhar-Shingapur temple on the top of a hill. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and very popular among locals. After driving for about 90 kilometers from Satara, you can view this panoramic hill. However, being visited by many locals and tourists throughout the year, the area around the temple has become little dirty.

Near Satara, you can also find the famous Thoseghar waterfall. The waterfall can be reached after driving for around 22 kilometers from the city. The waterfall can be best experienced during monsoon and it remains the perfect time to visit this place. The surrounding area of the waterfall is covered with dense forest and provides a very calm atmosphere, which adds to the beauty of this place.

Sajjangad fort is yet another beautiful spot near Satara city. It is believed to be the last resting place of the famous saint, Ramdas. His teachings can still be found in various books and is followed by many people in Maharashtra.

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