Shirdi destination for Sai Baba devotees

Shirdi destination for Sai Baba devotees_New

Located at a distance of about 250 kms from Mumbai, Shirdi is the most spiritual place for Sai devotees. The place is famous for the Sai Baba Temple, who is considered one of the greatest saints of India. Devotees from India and throughout the world, gather here to seek his blessings. You will find this place flocked anytime; however, Thursdays are considered more auspicious to pay respect and to get your wishes come true (mannat).

Reaching Shirdi is very convenient from Mumbai and Pune. You can find various luxury buses running between Shirdi and these places every day. It’s better to reach there a day in advance to attend the early morning “aarti,” which happens at 5:30 am every day.

It’s a dream of millions of devotees to visit Shirdi once in a lifetime. However, you need to be aware of the daily activities to utilize your time in the best possible way. The daily “aarti” is followed by the ‘holy bath’ and then regular sighting, which starts at 7.

The temple has four gates, with gates 2 and 3 used for sighting. You can experience the echo of ‘Jai Sai’, ‘Om Sai’ and other chanting all over.

Staying at Shirdi is easy, as you can get economical rooms for family and common halls if you are alone. It could cost you as low as Rs 30, if you are alone; however, you need to share the bathing and washing facilities with others.

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