Trek to Tungnath-Chandrashila-Deoriatal in full Autumn Glory

This blog consist of Story trail, Images and Complete trek video, its a complete Trek Guide for Tungnath-Chandrashila-Deoriatal trek.

A three day holiday in the month of August 16 filled me with joy and as I was planning a solo trek to Tungnath-Chandrashila-Deoriatal. I packed my bag a week before starting my journey, booked my travel ticket and bought all the necessary items required because its a unplanned solo trek. The only thing planned is my bus tickets to Haridwar.

At 9:30 I reached ISBT Kashmeeri Gate and finally started my journey towards Haridwar. In the morning at around 4AM I reached Haridwar, As I moved out to in search for another bus towards Rudraprayag surprisingly a bus is about to leave for my next destination and I did not get the time even for a cup of tea.

Around 5 hours later I reached Rudraprayag and asked the locals for the bus to Ukhimath or Sari Village. In every half an hour one can find bus to Ukhimath or Augustmuni. As I find there is no such issue of the connectivity in terms of commuting but get ready for 2-3 or 4 break journeys.

Starting from ISBT Kashmiri gate, Delhi to Ukhimath it took around 15 hours of Continuous, Exhausting and Tiring journey, I am hungry and feeling low. But the surroundings giving me energy by there beautiful looks and fresh breath. May be they are making me ready for what I am not aware of how much more tough the day going to be for me.

I sit in a shop and ordered a maggi. Took a break of around 20-30 min. and asked a cab driver to take me to Sari Village from where the trek for of Deoriatal starts. He charged around Rs.1000 and drop me near the place from where the trek starts.

At the starting point of Deoriatal trek there are few shops which provides the food/tents and basic facility near the lake at the top, I paid around Rs. 600 for the food and tent for a night stay. List of people help you to provide tents and food in Deoriatal.

Dasveer Singh Negi  7248665748
Hira Singh Negi  9410241543

Way to Deoriatal

The trek is quite steep for first timers and easy for regular trekkers.

Deoriatal Lake

It took around 2 hours to trek Deoriatal which is around 2.5 KM from Sari Village.

Deoriatal Information

The view was beautiful. Nanda devi and few more mountain ranges completely visible here.

Chaukhamba Peak

Beautiful Morning at Deoriatal 

Sita Peak

I was so exhausted that day went for sleep at around 8 PM.

Next Day I offered a guy 200 bucks to drop me to chopta from where Tungnath-Chandrsilla trek starts.

I reach their in 2 hrs and Start my trek to Tungnath.

Tungnath is 3.5 KM from chopta the height of 12100 Ft (Approx.).

Way to Tungnath

The path to Tungnath is picturesque. It feels like you will soon see heaven by the end of the path.

Bugyal Tungnath

The path is pretty steep.

Way to Tungnath

Ganesh Temple on the way.

Ganesh Temple

Tungnath Temple covered with Fog.

Tungnath Temple

Har Har Mahadev.

Tungnath Temple

Chandrashila is around 1.5 KM from Tungnath. As per my initial plan, I look forwards to stay in Tungnath but due to heavy fog I improvise my plan and make my mind to trek 1.5 KM to Chandrashila.

Way to Chandrashila

The path is completely broken therefore it required a lots of effort, stamina to trek with so much of exertion and tiredness.

Broken Path to Chandrashila

Due to fog at the peak as a result I was unable to see any of the mountains.

Chandrashila Peak

I have completed the trek in 4 days and back to Delhi. This trek is in slightly moderate, required a decent amount of stamina. Before attempting it do some good workout for atleast one month before attempting it. Most of the trekkers attempt solo and it’s completely safe just be aware and alert after all jungle has its own rules.

Few Tips –

  • Try to make your backpack light in weight (50 Liters backpack is sufficient).
  • You will find food or maggie at small stalls in complete journey.
  • Do carry dry fruits, Juice, Biscuits etc. always ready for the worst.
  • Carry some medicines like Dimox, Electrol etc. because you gain height too fast.
  • Even experience trekker hit with AMS.
  • Try to carry fleece and quick dry pants instead of regular heavy sweaters, It makes your backpack light.
  • Inner or Thermals are only used at night while sleeping.
  •  During trek do not wear inners.
  • Shoes should be of good quality use Decathlon Arpenaz 100 Mid Men Hiking Shoes if you are looking for  budget shoes.
  • Carry your tent, sleeping bag and thermal mat if you don’t want to stay in small rooms or rent tent from the locals.
  • No need for a guide if you have experience in trekking solo.
  • Cost of transportation is too much, try to convince locals for less price.
  • People on mountain are helpful and honest, You can trust them.

This trip is one of the memorable, solo and unplanned trip of mine. I have created a video in case I missed anything you will definitely find into it.


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